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I really am willing to give Bixby a try, but unfortunately everytime I do, my experience is hindered by countless forced updates everytime I go to use it. EVERY single time. So perhaps if Samsung wants to improve end user experience, and have people ...
There is an issue with bluetooth gamepad that when DEX is loaded with the phone acting as a trackpad and the screen turns off after inactivity, the gamepad no longer functions as it should. Note that screen timeout has no effect. Is there any fix or ...
I have noticed a significant reduction in burst speed as of late. There is a strong delay between opening the camera app and holding down the shutter before it will even attempt to take a picture. in burst mode there a significant delay between each ...
after the update, I connect to my monster wireless stereo and notice that the volume only has two levels. full blast and mute. as soon as I slide the volume up once on the phone, the speaker will be at full volume.