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Not too long ago, I had an update on my table. I had nothing wrong with my tablet, the Tab S3, but there must been a good reason why to update it. It caused a lot of problems.The camera stopped working. Everytime I opened the camera app, it says cama...
Every time I download an app, it makes a new page and adds that app. On google, it says how to disable. The new play store doesn't follow the same information as google. Can someone tell me where they moved it?
The settings says my Galaxy Tab s3 is a phone. It doesn't bother me but someone should fix that.
In almost all Samsung devices, they have a sensor in the charging port. It can detect if there is water or dust or something else. For the newer models if it is off, it will not turn on. To turn it on, hold power button and volume down for newer mode...
I went to the Samsung support center and they said my tab s3 (latest tablet) has wireless charging. But, google said they didn't! Does it have wireless charging. I don't want to waste my money on a wireless charger. Please reply asap.