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My samsung Galaxy j3 prime is still restarting. It had got a new motherboard and it still restarts anyway. It actually may need a new battery, but I'm not getting my Hope's up. My j3 prime is an awesome phone, except for the restarting issue. If anyo...
Can someone please explain how to fix the crashing issue with the galaxy j3 prime. I've already factory reset my phone, and I've called Samsung to get it fixed, but nothing!!! Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem! It only happens in game...
Why why why can't samsung fix the problem with the galaxy j3 prime restarting!!! It's been over 5 months that it's been crashing. I've factory reset my phone 2 days ago and it hasn't worked at ALL. if someone can help, please tell me what to do, weat...
It's still restarting! Every day I check for a software update, and it's just not coming. When is it coming, and does it include the restarting fix?
Hello, I don't get very many comments down in the comments section, and I was just wondering if maybe people could Branch off of this topic. So, I have heard that there is an update rolling out in the United States for the Galaxy J-3 Prime. I'm just ...