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Whenever I start a running exercise the app stops counting my steps. I have gone on a run for 4 km and when I got back I basically had the same number of steps. My cadence showed I had approximately 3500 steps but for the day I ended with 3000.
Yesterday my right earbud suddenly dropped in sound to almost nothing. It still outputs a bit of sound but maybe 10% of the regular volume levels. After doing some googling it seems like other countries were given extra mesh kits to fix this issue. @...
For a couple weeks now my reminder app in the edge panel randomly stops showing the list of reminders and shows an empty page. To fix this I need to go to the settings and remove reminders from the edge panel then readd it. This usually fixes it for ...
Ever since the update Google Map stops working when the screen turns off/goes to sleep. Before the update I was able to set directions on google maps and it would continue to navigate even when the screen went to sleep but now it completely stops the...