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I just thought a cool snap one night. 
In an otherwise underwhelming life, I'm passing the time constructively. Bible was a gift from a friend I haven't seen in a long time I didn't think I'd get back. Just coincidence it's in the snap. Necklaces are the focal point. 
As much as I wish I could enter this in the contest to win an S10, I think the little Samsung key is functional art.  Here is a necklace I knotted. Red & blue signifying the Taegeuk. White background,  dominant colour. 4 charms to signify the trigram...
I think the Samsung key is borderline functional art. It reminds Me of an S&S carburetor air cleaner,  from when I was putting together American Choppers.  We used to call the air cleaners "Teardrops", that's what I call My S9 key for Sammy, My curre...