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I have to access Samsung's Members via Samsung Internet because it's not working anymore for me with the application Samsung's Members. This is a screenshot of what i see Samsun's Members is empty
@Jeremy_from_samsung you say : Have any burning Samsung-related questions? je ne comprends absolument pas de quoi vous parlez..Le site est bilingue, pourriez-vous traduire ou parler en français SVP De plus, quand aurons-nous des Superuser comme dans ...
@Jeremy _from_Samsung When are we going to have a French Moderator or when are you give SUPERUSER title for the better members like everywhere in the world...?
Aurais-tu un diagramme de l'emplacement de l'antenne WIFI de ces 2 tablettes pour voir si Samsung a corrigé le problème et que le problème ne survienne pas sur la Tab S6... Quelqu'un lui proposait d'acheter une antenne externe connecter dans le port ...
I know, i know this is my first phone and i can't figure what could be better than the Note 10+ actually and i don't found any defaults except some little things that can be resolve easily with a update for ameliorations only.I don't mind for the Jac...