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So my condo apparently has very thick walls. Despite have a cell tower less than a km away, I'm still getting one bar. I figured no problem, flip on wifi calling and all is good. A few days later, I start to notice a battery drain issue. Fully charge...
My ability to use screen off memo disappeared on my Note 9. Popping spenout does not trigger the memo function Can't figure out why but if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Tia
I hate to say it but it appears that our displays really are susceptible to screen burn in. I was visiting the Bell store which had many galaxy phones on display (pun intended). and ALL of them showed terrible screen burn in. Same for pixel and LG. I...
Just a heads up for those who waited. Dex going for 99.00 both at the store (sold out all 3 locations) and online. includes shipping...