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I am looking forward to some warmer weather so i can get back to puppy play time outside. My resolution is to have lots of puppy play time and get in shape, its the only exercise i get. #NewYearNewYou
This is for anyone who like myself who couldn't get WiFi calling to work.... I went in to freedom mobile today and got a new nano sim card as i have had the same sim card for a few years... I had read somewhere that older sim cards wont work with WiF...
Every night I put my phone to charge. I wake up to the phone being unresponsive. The led will be flashing to show that I have notifications but I can only hold the volume down and power button to get my phone working again. Is anyone else having this...
I was just curious if anyone else noticed that when they start to record a video it takes about 5 seconds from when you press record to when the timer actually begins to start recording. The camera opens very fast but like I said, takes 4-5 seconds b...
In the past week have had to soft reset my phone 2 times. I woke up, checked my phone only to find it was unresponsive. It was on as I could see the led flashing but I couldn't power it down, home button was unresponsive ... Basically it was just a b...