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When I placed my tablet on a metal desk, it took some force to pull it off. I didn't think much of it then, put thinking of it now, I tried to stick it to my fridge, and it stuck.Is the magnet intentional, or should I worry about placing it near my d...
This feature was the deciding factor to buy this over the other tablets, but it's only available for the s10 line currently.I use an s8, and it's annoying to me that a feature that was heavily advertised would not even be on most devices, and not to ...
So I just got this device today, and I realised that the swiping actions on the home screen are very glitchy. Does anyone else experience this, and is there a fix?
I just discovered this bug now, and it's annoying me a little bit.When I go into settings and disable hard press, it still stays on like it was still enabled.I can still change the pressure required to hard press, but the only problem is that it won'...
Someone on Reddit told me about this app and I decided to try it. What it is, is that this is an app where you can set gesture commands on your phone so it is easier for one handed usage, and you can remap the gestures in a lot of different ways.Even...