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I know some of you don't care. I'm just wondering when the Bixby marketplace will come to Canada. It adds stuff like google maps and other google services. Which will make Bixby better to use
If I could choose one that I would need for back to school. It would have to be a new laptop. They are essential for learning. Samsung is known for their quality in their products so having a Samsung laptop with windows is a good combo.
Just a heads up. There are a few new watchfaces in the Galaxy store from Samsung.
My favourite Superhero is Iron Man. He was the superhero movie I saw which made me instantly fall in love with the character. I like him for his wits and a funny comments. I like that he's always trying to improve himself. #membermondays
I would like to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to add more of the watch faces from the galaxy watch active. I like the watch face that interacts with the current weather.