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Is there a way to lock the apps on the home screen so that they don't keep getting deleted accidentally? It's very annoying..happens and then I don't know which app went missing!! And am asking about Samsung UI..I know I can do this with Nova and may...
This is one I would buy!!
Looking to buy a Samsung for my dad. Between the A and J series..or the older ones, the S7..which one would you folks recommend? WhatsApp, email, browsing, but do need some memory space. He has a very old Samsung with only 8 GB of memory and its star...
Yesterday evening..got to see some muscle and some cute!
Reposting, since I need more help!Spotify on S10+, seems like a lot of people have this issue. At least google says so. When connected to car bluetooth, the pause doesnt work from the lock screen.Forward and rewind works..Turned battery optimization ...