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@Samsung! Please please please! Update system software or something with the fingerprint scanner, as I've posted before with the s10+ I'm now using the s20 ultra and I love it! But!!!!! Even after factory reset and everything and installing everythin...
Just wondering if anyone knows a possible fix for the rcs? Even now and then I get a small notification at the bottom of my screen asking for me to input my phone number to enable the rcs messages, ive already done this but it still pops up randomly,...
Getting the 512gb s20 ultra and I'm still waiting? What the hellz usually this **bleep** come in within 5 days but it's been longer and still waiting this virus **** is no excuse, anyone else order one and still waiting?
Anyone know when bellmts is supposed to receive shipment of the s10 ultras? Ordered mine day it came out and thanks to back order its marked as a pre-order, but just curious as to if anyone knows when they may be in lol I really cant wait even tho it...
Bell mobility update is live