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Hi Guys! My charger is no longer fast charging. Any solutions? Thanks in advance!
Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful moms, pet moms and people who fill this Role! This weekend in Ottawa, we celebrate the beauty of Tulips! #tulipfestival
Hi guys! There's a "moisture has been detected.." notification and it has been there for about 3 hours. My battery is low and I wanted to charge my phone but wanted to know if I should wait until it clears? Has anyone ever experienced this?
My day will be packed with making these for kiddies today!! [Chocolate covered strawberries] Love taking pictures of them with my S8+ 😍Hope you all have a Fantastic Easter weekend!!
Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the font colour on the S8+ without downloading the themes app? I changed my wallpaper and it's a lighter background so it blends in with the white font. Thanks in advance!