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Please how do I switch between Front and Rear cameras during video with Galaxy A50?Baseband Version = A505FXXS5BTJ6
Finally Samsung has solved A50 Fingerprint issue with Android 10 upgrade. . . But I can't connect my smartwatch with FitPro again
Please is there anyone with solution(s) to Fingerprint issues in Galaxy A50 with the attached versions?#November2019#Failedupdate#Fingerprint#Samsung#GalaxyA50#A505FOLM3ASL5#A505FXXU3ASL3#A505FDDU3ASL5#Toobad
It is really disappointing that till this day, Samsung hasn't released a new update to fix the mess they did to Fingerprint registration on Galaxy A50 since November, 2019.
Since November that I updated my Galaxy A50, I have not been able to add Fingerprint again as I was asked to delete and re-register my Fingerprints after the update. . . Please advise appropriately on the remedy.