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I received an email from...supposedly someone from Samsung who ask me to give my address and phone nr because I have a gift...some wireless headphones, because I was active here. I don't know man???....How do I know they r legit?...They send me an em...
After you enter in Safe mode and come back, the theme I had before entering in Safe mode is not coming back. the default one is applied. just put it out there hopping that this faulty behaviour will be fixed.
I enable Stay awake in developer options, but it wont stick...after some time the option is de-selected by itself...someone know why?
Sometime when I dont have signal(when I go in basement for example), no signal appear in notification panel. After that when I get in areas where I have signal, the notification wont disappear. I call, I text, browse internet and the notification is ...
I went this morning in settings/Software Update, and manually check for updates.I got back a message saying that my software was modified and something, and to try using pc or go to a service center...I said wtfI restart and its all good now..The onl...