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Am I the only one with this issue, on both computer and phone...Thx
Hey guys,Since I change phone, my phone app has been acting up. It freezes when I receive an incoming call making it tough to answer. I've cleared the cache and force closed the app. It has resolved the issue temporarily and then it comes back a coup...
Thanks Samsung, that's pretty neat to have received my new device ahead of the planned shipping date. Now on to play with my new toy :smiling-face:
My favourite is definitely Spiderman. Happy go lucky attitude, light hearted and kicking **bleep**. #MemberMondays
Hey guys,I'm hearing Samsung pushed camera upgrades to most of his s10 devices yet I don't recall any updates being pushed to my device. I still haven't received the dedicated camera Night Mode either.Am I the only one and if not, does anybody know w...