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Im on my s9 and the snapchat gender filter doesnt work as it works on iphone. Its my phone or just a samsung bug?Other android phones, like the pixel , have the filter working properly
days ago an upgrade allows now sending gifs images on instagram messages. I updated the app but dont have any new button to send gifs images. my friends s8 s9 are allow to send them. Any solution? thabks
got an update to bixby visition and it just stop working the way it was supossed to do.... what can i do? the only things i have is make up., pdf text and amazon assitant???wtf?where are places and images searching? also the ypdate said t...
Hi! just signed up for samsung pay with my rbc cards. IS there a quick way to pay without open your phone and swiping up to see the card?iphones use the right top button to pay. any way using samsung pay?Thanks
can anyone tell me where can i find the bixby rewards points and hoq to use them ? thanks