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Here are some pictures of the Sky Blue S22 Ultra that I took today. It is quite surprising that apparently, there are yet to be photos of it taken with high quality cameras. The colour is really, really subdued. Only at extreme angles with precise li...
Like many customers, I have received an eVoucher yesterday from Samsung Canada due to the persisting delays on the S22 orders.Samsung Canada’s main flaw has always been communication. They are even worse than me at communicating critical information....
I was trying to post a message about my experience with the S22 Ultra but S Members has decided that it was spam. Mods, please fix this?The link to the falsely flagged post is here:
I have made an exception and have decided to post this one time to announce the new availability of the One UI 4 Beta for Canada. This will not be repeated in the future. More details here: Website: Update N6.1 (One UI Edition) https://www.chmultimed...
SECA is used in the text for Samsung Canada. Veuillez faire défiler pour accéder au texte francophone. I think it’s time for a little story. Ever since the beginning of the year, I have been living in an incessant torrent of torment. I have had to re...