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Has anyone's Note 9 had any bluetooth problems? My Note 9 keeps deleting all paired devices and I cant seem to find out why. This has happened only since the Pie update, and at least 5 times now. I've tried clearing the bluetooth cache and re startin...
Hey guys/girlsQuestion for all of you that use the new galaxy watch either 42mm or 46mm...Has anyone of you noticed text messages received on your phone doesn't come through to the watch most of the time. I've had this watch for exactly 6 days, every...
hey guys just wondering if anybody's having any issues with the Note 8 data usage monitor in the settings of the phone. for some reason mine is displaying the wrong date as in August through to September. And we haven't even gotten there yet!I'm very...
Does anyone know the official release date for Android pay in Canada. Apparently it's supposed to be May 31st 2017, but I still can't get 100% percent confirmed reports.Thanks
just wondering how many people with note 7's had their phones bricked with the new update that was released in Canada today?