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I live in Alberta as well and I actually love the winter....I know I sound crazy like a true Canadian haha but I love snowboarding and the slopes open this weekend so I'm totally looking forward to that. another thing about winter is you can keep lay...
Hey everyone,I am wondering if anyone knows of a 3rd party app that can set up auto reply whenever you get an incoming sms message. Same thing when you get a call, if it can auto send a text to that number.Almost like an out of office for email.
Halloween of course is my favorite time of year and I can't waiit!!! I already know what ill be dressing up as this year. Few years ago I was Heath Ledgers Joker and my gf was Harley Quinn. We went out on Halloween and we won best costume prize as we...
Hey everyone, I ran into this unique wallpaper on google...and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get this wallpaper. I think it would be quite funny to show to my apple friends LOL #GalaxyS10 #SamsungContest
Hey everyone, and happy Hump Day!! Its been awhile since I have posted this and I know there has been a large expansion of new members, the community has gone through alot of changes, and I feel it is more powerful than ever. Thinking back to just a ...