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Hey everyone, I know it says who is your favourite marvel superhero, but to be perfectly honest...I have never been much of a Marvel fan. I grew up watching Batman, and Superman. I have always fallen on the DC side instead of Marvel, sure I watched t...
Google does a lot of things well. Services and products like Search, Android, or Chrome are examples of how Google has taken an idea from a meeting room and put it into everyone's hands and things were made better because of them. Messaging is not on...
Just read this article and it seems accurate... remember these prices are in US currency.
Just saw this. Of course these are still rumors but I think this could be true.Samsung is planning to ditch the headphone jack AND volume buttons on the Note 10....I don't know how I feel about that.Read more here;
Hey everyone, so I was on my bike this weekend, and I was listening to my music with my Gear IconX with my charging case in my pocket. After sometime, I realized the charging case fell out of my pocket, and I have no idea where it fell out. Probably ...