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Hi all, my wifi calling has stopped working after the Oreo update. Any idea how to fix this?
Momos are South Asian dumplings native to North India. They usually come with chicken or vegetarian fillings. Definitely a must-try street food when in northern India! Comes with a spicy red sauce :)#AnthemContestPic
Recently got the S8+ and was comparing it to my S8. First thing I noticed right away is that the S8+ has a slight delay when waking the phone via the home button. The lag is specifically when you "release" the button, after the initial press. I've se...
I've got my navigation bar set to hide, and I like the swipe-up motion to reveal it. However, sometimes I hate having to wait for the timer to hide it again. It would be nice if you could swipe up again to hide the nav bar!
In a hypothetical, yet realistic, world, and ignoring what's been rumoured/published out there, what would you love to see in the s9 and beyond? I'll start compiling below:My wishlist:- Fingerprint sensor built into screen- Even smaller bezels on top...