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Can you please give us the possibility to remove floors on the floor items in Samsung health app.It's a pain to drive up hills in my car and the Samsung health floor app is telling me that I got up 5 floor. Please let us remove floors or let us adjus...
Do you guys know when the next firmware update is coming ? I have the watch SM-R805W one UI 1.5Tizen saw somewhere that there is an updated coming not to long after the Samsung health update, I have the Samsung health update 2 o...
Today the 18th may and this guy almost walk 2 millions steps
why is Samsung put back stress tracking on the Samsung Health app on my phone S9+ ?And why is Samsung did not put back the stress monitor on the Samsung watch LTE ?
I always had Samsung. My first cell was a Samsung Galaxy. Now I have a Samsung 4K TV, Blueray UltraHD, Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy watchs (46mm LTE), Galaxy Buds, Gear VR, Gear 360 and a Galaxy S 9+ for my cell. This is how badly I love Samsung 👍