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I have a problem that doubt that anyone can fix but I'll give it a try anyways. I recently reset my phone forgetting that I need to decrypt my SD card before resetting and now I can't read my files. Does anyone have a solution to my problem or is it ...
Hey Samsung community!! I have a free wallpaper page and all the pictures are only from the Galaxy S line phones. From the s7 to s10. All of the pictures are from me and are taken from different parts of the world. Enjoy and tell me what you think of...
I'm so happy that Samsung listened and made the camera hole punch a thing with notifications. The option is available in the good lock app then go to family and edge lighting.
I've noticed everytime I go into the subway I get a "search for network" notification at the bottom. When I click cancel it keeps popping up and it really is annoying. Is there a way to fix that?
After the update I recommend a factory reset for the best experience.