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I would like an option to only show notification details after biometric authentication was successful. Because there is an option to stay on lock screen until swipe up after biometric was successful with intelligent scan and Iris scanning and there ...
Come on Samsung. Still no gesture support with 3rd party launchers on the latest beta for Snapdragon? 
Come on Samsung. Can you guys get rid of the annoying notification that is always there while the keyboard is active that allows you to select a different keyboard. Yes I am using Gboard because I want to use Gboard. I don't want a notification askin...
Personally I think the design of the silent notification header that separates normal notifications and silent notifications does not look sleek. I like having it I just don't think it's implemented into the notification shadd dropdown very well. It ...
This may be an issue with the Samsung 3 swipe gesture navigation too but I didn't check to see. So if you have gesture navigation on and have gesture hints on in some apps and pages the color of the bar area at the bottom is white when it would be mo...