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This one has me completely stumped!Just did a factory reset, and in setting up, I've chosen my custom ringtone (got it on my Galaxy S3, and carried it to every new phone since), and a stock Note 10+ notification sound. This is standard stuff; done fo...
Does anyone know of a quick way to switch between the display settings for "vivid" and "natural" colours? I like the slightly subdued "natural" colours for daily use, but I enjoy a few games that are based on accurate colour perception, so I'd like t...
I've tried at a couple of retailers now, and it seems I can no longer use my Samsung Pay loyalty/membership cards with standard (red laser) flat bed scanners. Is this a problem with my screen, or has that functionality been removed?
I like lightweight (as opposed to heavy, i.e. bold) sans serif fonts, tending toward round, but not completely round. I'd like a font where the even numbers remain above the x-height, and the odds descend. Any recommendations, please?Oh, and it must ...
I just tried Samsung Max for the day. I experienced a number of crashes in apps that have otherwise been very stable for me. The descriptions of what each module does is not clear, and the settings seem anti-intuitive to me. I entered a review on the...