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Whenever I take a scrolling screenshot of a long webpage in Samsung Internet, the resolution is lower. Here is an example:Sometimes the resolution reduction ends up being even more noticeable than in the screenshot above. How can I fix this?NOTE: I s...
Sometimes, when using regular pinch zooming, you can get stuck zoomed in or zoomed out, or zooming can be difficult overall. For this reason, Samsung Internet should have buttons for zooming in and zooming out, just like other browsers.
Even when I do not have any unread or new Samsung Members notices or activity notifications, the bell icon still has an orange dot that disappears when I view my notices and activity but reappears the next time I open the app. This is just a minor bu...
In Samsung Android Pie, Soundcamp no longer works and is not available in the app store as it is discontinued. Of course, there are other music production apps on the app store. However, they are mostly non-free and are limited both in features and u...
It would be nice if Samsung Internet allowed you to download a text file or etc. opened in a tab. This would be useful if a website links you to a text file or file that Samsung Internet does not automatically download, and you want to download it.