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When digital video stabilization is turned on, on any Samsung devices, the quality of the video degrades significantly, and in interior conditions, you may even see some fuzzy or blurry look at times. However, when digital video stabilization is turn...
When taking photo using Samsung Note 10+ then transferring onto the computer, then from the computer trying to apply tags in the properties, I received this error message: Error code: 0x88982F52: There is too much metadata to be written to the bitmap...
The on screen zoom shows up on both photo and video mode. However, when video mode 60 FPS is set, the on screen zoom no longer shows up on the video mode. Samsung, please fix this bug.
I have mentioned to Samsung officials many times about the video recording problems, where the output shows corrupted look. It happens once in a while, but not all the time.I don't know if they are still trying to fix it, or did they forgot.The sampl...
When smart lock is activated, and I registered the NFC tag as a device to unlock, and then if I go to the lock screen then tried to use the NFC tag to unlock, it will not respond.