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This is my family, our yearly get together on Family Day means everything to me. To have the family out for dinner and enjoying some fine seafood is the ultimate relief. Family matters and its the only thing in my life I treasure. Here's from mine to...
I love my galaxy Note 9 as it takes stunning pictures like this one of Grouse Mountain on Snow Day in North Vancouver. Epic shots and balances with the snow!
Watching the unboxing of the note 10+ star wars addition which looks awesome, I was wondering if anybody knows where to download the theme? Thanks in advance.
Kids always find the best shapes when playing with each other at the playground. The amount of circles and shapes in this represent the loopholes we find in life. Never stop searching what your looking for.
My best app by far for my Note 9 is S Note. I use my phone for work in the office and it always stuns people when I come into a meeting and they have their notebooks and all I got is my pen! S Note helps me to organize my notes over meeting and at th...