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Usually around this time there is either a contest or emails going out regarding a selected few for the Unpacked events, Has anybody been contacted or know if a contest is coming up?
I have to admit, I love the Marvel universe! DC never been a fan of except for the Heath Ledger batman. So comes up is My love for Spiderman! Witnessing the new movie which is awesome btw. I've grown fond of him and love the overall experience of the...
Love this woman. Best mom anybody could ask for. You only have 1, so live it as much as you can! Love you mom!
Seems the S10 series does not have the option anymore for Equalizer settings like the 9 series. This is unfortunate as the sound quality through bluetooth is greatly decreased. Hopefully they will introduce a patch for this to appear.
Hello, I upgraded my phone from Note 9 to S10+ and noticed the sound in my car wasn't very loud and in Spotify's settings under Eqializer, the bass boost dials are missing. How do I get this back? Thanks.