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I would love to see an option to remove the person's phone number underneath their name while in a conversation. 
In Samsung stock applications, I've always noticed how tapping on any item on-screen that takes the user to another screen loads the elements somewhat unevenly(this has been happening ever since one ui 1.0). I've finally decided to speak up about thi...
I'd like to see the nice fade-in effect return to the text on the lock screen, as the text "use fingerprint to unlock" used to fade in nicely onto the screen in One ui 1.0. With the 2.0 beta it simply flashes onto the screen and cheapens the feel in ...
Could the volume level display remain on screen for a half second less? I feel like it takes too much time to recede. Or maybe there could be an option in Developer options that allows custom durations for the menu? Thanks.
There are a few suggestions I have for the notification menu:1. When dragging to adjust the brightness, if the user rapidly swipes up to close the tray, the brightness menu will remain on screen briefly.2. When in the expanded notification tray menu,...