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I noticed that Samsung Notes widget no longer supports transparency. I use Samsung Notes to put important reminders on my home screen. I like Samsung Notes for this because the background can be made transparent and not obfuscate the wallpaper. It is...
My biggest problem is SmartStay. It just doesn't work. Not in beta 1 or 2.I've cleared cache and restarted more than once since installing beta 2. I've turned this feature off and back on. But Smart Stay remains nonfunctional. OK. I can't use Google ...
This was a great feature in the last several UI versions from Samsung, but appears to be missing from One UI 2 beta. It's a handy feature, both from the sidebar, recent apps, and even directly on the home screen. Would really like this feature back. ...
There used to be at least two ways to do this. One, swipe from the top left corner toward the middle of the screen. But full screen gestures now prevent that. It just opens the notification panel. The other way was to click an icon from recent apps, ...
At first, battery life dropped well below what I was getting before I installed the Android 10 One UI 2 beta. But battery life improved dramatically after clearing cache and restarting. Big difference.