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I know the s8 won't be getting updated to question is it still safe to do banking on the s8? Or should I update to the s20? Other then security the phone still works great.Thank you
Well my messages are back to normal so far after today's updates.hopefully they last awhile. For those that don't remember my messages were coming in stacked and sometimes out of order.
Ok so you know my messages were all screwed up...I checked the APN settings and they were correct.....I made a new APN setting the exact same as the old one labeled it as "new" clicked on new restarted the phone ...and nothing....did it a few more ti...
So my messages are still coming in I went to the mall first I went to the Samsung experience store at metropolis they had my phone for almost an hour they said carrier problem....I then went to the Fido store they tried everything they cou...
Hi as a few of you may remember that my messages come in stacked. I factory reset the phone over 15 times last night as it wasn't updating the security patch. I finally got the phone to update but my messages are still stacked. Any help?