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After the last Bixby update last week (there were three apps last week- can't remember which ones) my Bixby now activates from the sound of You Tube Videos. I believe the updates broke something. I dont want to cripple things by turning off listening...
I use the stock email for my gmail. I prefer the look and feel, integration with my Gear S3, dark mode and just all round functionality. Except... I still don't see a way to get swipe to archive functionality. Swipe is always delete.I dont want to se...
I had my phone on oreo set up so I made an exception for my alarm company app to send notifications even though DND was activated.I can seem to set apps as exceptions any more.... just calls and SMS. Am I missing something?
I use the Samsung Stock app to check my Gmail. I would like the swipe left gesture to be configurable to "Archive" rather than "Delete".Right now I have to move the message to "All mail" which is multiple steps.
Ticketmaster allows Apple Wallet and Google Pay to safely park mobile tickets. This is useful for my hockey tickets in particular but it also works for boarding passesSamsung used to have something called Samsung Wallet which performed this task but ...