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How do we get more icons to appear under folders just like in 6.01. Now there is a stupid pretty border around the icons and you're limited by the number of them you have. You used to be able to scroll down and see them all bit by bit now you have to...
I have two s7 edges one I have upgraded to v7 android and the other is still on 6.01. My knox folder on the older version shows a full screen of icons, 16 icons to be precise. V7 android only gives me 9 icons as it doesn't use up the whole screen. Ho...
Although photos in Knox are not shown or stored the names of the albums are stored in the main file system and available to anyone who can get into the phone. ANYONE FROM SAMSUNG. CARE TO COMMENT?.??
I know how to edit (crop, resize, alter colors etc) in the gallery but when I use the gallery in Knox mode the edit functionality does not appear to be there. Is there a knox setting I need to alter..?