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Suggestion, Samsung you should have message service like iMessage or ChatOn need to come back. There are many reason why Samsung you must have own message service, why we need this, how it can be helpful. I am going to talk about :- 1》SMS text is not...
Network Disable option for individual app by pressing and hold them.https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/aajxan/would_be_a_useful_feature/https://youtu.be/mQkWAack0Dg
Samsung you should now change the volume slider and power on/off menu as pixel/Android Pie style into OneUI, volume slider and power on/off menu near to there respective buttons make easy to use.
Samsung should now introduce e-sim into upcoming cellphones. Having a sim slot and e-sim at the same is future.
Hi guysWhen I was in India I have huge collection of themes which I took from theme store after months of search and after that I know pretty much every theme in store but now I'm in Canada and when I type same theme or icon name here it shows nothin...