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Has anyone redeemed this offer with their new device? Since I've done the 1 month free trial before, it's not giving me the option to 'try it free'. Am I disqualified from the offer even though I just got the Note 10+ today? The way the ToS reads it ...
Hi folks. Anyone using DeX care to share their setups? I'm about to get the Note 10+ and am wondering if anyone has cables/hubs they recommend. I know Samsung has their own but I'm sure there's some good aftermarket options.
Get a $10 a month credit with Eastlink since this is my second phone. So $240 off. They've treated me well with 8 GB for $55 a month shared with my wife's S9+. Should get a few hundred for my old Note 8 👍. No point to this post other than I'm excite...
We pay a lot of money for these flagship phones. The Note series in particular. Since they are meant to be top-of-the-line productive, smart devices, I always try to find new ways to use my Note 8 to help me accomplish things.How is the S Pen in part...