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Hi folks. I'm not sure if more air actions are in development but it would be great if you could use an air action to scroll. I find if I'm in the car and have my Note 10+ in the dash mount, its nice to leave it in there to read articles or whatever....
Hi guys.Feel like I already know the answer to this but here goes nothing:I imported the schedule of a team I follow into my calendar. The games start late in my timezone and usually go into the early hours of the following day. When this happens, it...
Has anyone redeemed this offer with their new device? Since I've done the 1 month free trial before, it's not giving me the option to 'try it free'. Am I disqualified from the offer even though I just got the Note 10+ today? The way the ToS reads it ...
Hi folks. Anyone using DeX care to share their setups? I'm about to get the Note 10+ and am wondering if anyone has cables/hubs they recommend. I know Samsung has their own but I'm sure there's some good aftermarket options.