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Hows everyone doing today?I had an idea. I like to have all my Apps organized and in folders, and I have alot of apps I was thinking it would be nice to be able to make a folder inside a folder for example, my News Folder has alot of different news a...
Ok so not sure when it actually happened but I went to my Camera Gallery App and for some reason it was all my old photos from a long time there, couple nights ago I did the Free Space where it backs up your photos and deletes them off your phones st...
I noticed that when you select a image,The Main Color Option that affects  the whole theme. They only give you 4  colors and a clear. It would be really nice to be able to choose what color you actually want.UPDATE:After completing a Theme I have rea...
It would be nice to be able to Theme icons that aren't themed from selecting a theme. Such a a certain theme pack might not have new icon for say WhatsApp(Example), it would be nice to select That app and be able to choose a new icon for it.
How's everyone going tonight?Was curious is anyone else having an issue with there keyboard a little off when you go to hit a letter or something? Sometimes I hit back space and it registers as if I hit Enter, or Caps lock it will think I hit the sym...