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https://www.youtube.com/embed/aq17Hbr2K94Awesome! 5,000 Limited.
$2,780. Are you kidding me Samsung? How did you calculate this US $1,999 turn into $2,780? And plus 12% tax. Even there is NO special gift for pre-order in Canada only. Other countries give Buds live and 1year extended Samsung Care. Nothing here. And...
In Korea, USA or other countries, if pre-order S10 series, Samsung send new Galaxy Bud or dual fast charger, etc. But there is nothing with preorder S10 in Canada. Even S10s are more expensive than other countries too. There is only trade in program ...
Article from Android CentralCanadians won't be able to use a Note 7 on any network after December 15. Time to give it up, Canada.Samsung Canada is following New Zealand's lead by cutting off network access for all unreturned Note 7 devices as of Dece...
I read the article from Android Central, they said that Samsung Pay to launch in Canada first week of November.