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My laptop uses a 45watt usb C charger with output of 5V/9V/15V, 3A. My phone charger uses 5V, 2A or 9V, 1.67A. I've attached a picture of the specs of both chargers. Thanks!
Here's a super slow-mo shot of my dog playing with other dogs at the park.
Is it possible to save your notes as a PDF?
Samsung should allow us to double tap the bixby but to open any app we want or perform a custom action, like how you can double tap the power button to open the camera.
I saw the Pro Mode tips on the homepage of this app and decided to try it out. I'm not much of a photographer but it was actually pretty easy to use and I got some cool photos. I shot some light trails of cars in front of my house and couple of Bokeh...