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Yes, I have checked back on the forums, and I'm back!I didn't make the switch from S7 edge to S8 because first my phone plan was a 2 year contract. also is the S8 really better? they did take away the hardkeys becuz it took away a "full experience", ...
I'm on telus. got the nougat update yesterday morning. not much changed but the new layout is damn cool. YAY
I got it! the Samsung level box pro! I almost forgot lol
today when I turned on my s7 edge the home screen wallpaper seemed to be half cut off. like the right half of the picture was still there but the left side was black. I did nothing to the wallpaper, but today was the only time I had this issue, and I...
hey guys. I'm not sure this works, and I'm actually pretty sure it doesn't, but I managed to get the APK downloaded for Galaxy Beta Program. It's right here.1. Download the APK by going to this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tupu4njzncu7ru2/com....