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Just mentioning...My battery life seems to be going down faster with beta 3 (similar to beta 1). Beta 2 was much better.No new apps (just the typical app updates)Running S9 model SM-G960U1Regards. 
Just sync'd Outlook to my phone using the Smart Switch app on my PC.  Now Smart Switch does not have a button for "downgrading" out of the beta.Instead it says this:Current software version of your device: SL9(TMB)What's up with that? A "downgrade" b...
Immediately after startup my battery is at 97% and during the 1st few minutes after seems to get down to 92% -ish fairly quickly.  After that though the battery use seems to settle down while I'm actually using the phone.  Weird.Before I installed th...
This has happened to me twice. Both times I had to restart the phone several times before the keyboard popped up allowing me to enter my password and get into my phone.  This behavior is troubling for sure and I hope a patch will be issued asap. I di...