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I own a S8+ and I have upgraded to a new phone once or multiple times every year. When the S9 came out, I skipped the upgrade because I felt that since I don't take a lot of pictures, the upgrade was not needed.I went a year and half with my S8+ and ...
I have an S8 Plus. I love the phone. Unfortunately, the screen broke and needs to be replaced. It will cost me $399 + tax to fix it. Should I just wait for a good deal on Koodo and upgrade to a S9 Plus or maybe S10e or just get the phone repair? Does...
Hey guys,Looking to buy Galaxy buds. Do you know of any good deal or promo to get them?Thanks
Dear Samsung Experts. Can you please explain if this signifies any significance for S8 Plus users in Canada.#1. New OS has been released in the US for S8 Plus on Sprint. #2. Another clue or error whatever you call it, is when you click manual update ...
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