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Lately whenever I try to switch back and forth between apps or go back to the home screen after texting someone. They keyboard stays on screen for a couple of seconds longer. Even the keystrokes on the keyboard are slower and keep lagging while I typ...
It has been a scary time for everyone around the world. The most vulnerable in this time were my nephew, niece and my mom. We stayed at home and made sure that the kids stayed inside as well. To keep the kids engaged, we had small activities the kids...
The wait for One UI 2.1 is almost over for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 owners residing in the USA. The company has confirmed that the highly-anticipated update will begin rolling out tomorrow, April 3, so get your phones ready to be upgraded with the best...
For a list of everything new coming to S10 and S10 Plus, visit:
I was just using my phone and wanted to send someone pictures. I realized that, the WhatsApp photos folder in my phone was having issues. I opened it and half the pictures are now corrupted. What should I do?