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Just received my S22 Ultra and I'm very excited to set it up!There's no pre-installed screen protector so go buy one now before you receive your device.The sim manager is enabled in the settings. (Esim)The phantom Black is just beautiful I'll be taki...
The Unpacked 2022 event is tomorrow February 9th 2022 at 10am. out my Instagram unboxing of the unpacked 2022 party kit. was made with my S21u...
I'm very excited for this new Galaxy device. Can't wait to see the new features it has to offer. What are you guys excited for?February 9th 10am ESTThere might be a preview of the Galaxy Z slideThese are just renders and this might possibly be the f...
I had the Z fold 3 for about 2 weeks now and I'm still loving it. I hardly notice the UDC if I'm not looking for it. Opening and closing the phone is really satisfying and the hinge is really firm. The device feels a bit heavy but feels premium.When ...
I'm loving the Fold 3!!! I'll take more photos after I play around with it more.Galaxy Buds line up (LIVE-PRO-BUDS 2)Fold edition Spen & S21 Ultra Spen