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Tysm :thank you so much Ty :thank you Np :no problemBrb : (I forgoted but it means I'm coming soon I guess)Cya :see youIly : I love youU : youHru : how are youWťf(don't bleep samsung😬😐🙄) what the fu**K :ok Xoxo: hug and kisses < 3: turn your phone...
Pro.Nandita davsen from cambridg and ms,rajai from iran Cancer is just having not enough vitamin B17! Yes, you are seeing true! Cancer means money for doctors! Like skorbit that was just having not enough vitamin C.It means is no need to go doctor. I...
Plz make sure that it is having this icons
How long do you spend in restroom?😁🙈🧻💩
1. It's a good idea to talk.sometimes it's good to communicate,don't keep things inside.say your fillings to who you count on.2. It's not a good idea to break up, pick on, argue, judge, lie, gossip and criticize.if you done this things,you should apo...