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When will the Samsung galaxy a10e get android 10? (Asking for a buddy)
I would love to hear your guys opinions
So now that i feel great again, whens the next update supposed to be for the Samsung Galaxy Tab a 2019? My experience with covid19: it was terrible but i would say mono was worst. I would honestly say that covid19 felt like a very bad chest infection...
Hey guys i have been not active as i have the covid19. I was showing symptoms 4 days ago and phoned healthlinks to get a test referral. I got the test done and tested positive for covid19 in Winnipeg manitoba. I am doing ok been hard to breathe at ti...
Hi, i was wondering if someone can link a android 10 list for the samsung tablet line up? I am interested if the samsung tab a 10.0 2019 will get the android 10