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So I got the Cobolt card, but how do I link it to my samsung account? It says you can get rewards and such if used at Samsung store, online, etc., but how do I associate the two?Any info would be cool.Thank you ^_^
Hello everyone,I've been using samsung dex for about 5 months now and recently started having 2 issues.1) When I'm in browser and trying to upload a file. When I click the location of the file, it crashes. But when I remove it from the DeX, I'm able ...
I dont know what happened after this last Bixby update....but she cant even do simple commands! Keeps adding random words to my requests. example "Hi bixby, how can I prepare oven roasted beef?"bixby "book show roasted beef"....WHAT?!! doesnt even ma...
Lots of great deals today. Anyone got lucky?
Where can I check which gear watches are compatible with samsung pay?