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Have been using the 15.6", i7 model since it's release. Here's short summary of experience:Pros: - very fast!- great features/exclusive apps- 360 folding option is useful- Hinges are surprisingly strong and durable - light weight/thinCons:- when usin...
Glad to see Samsung's new partnership, definitely will introduce new opportunities and technologies. I'm curious if Samsung will use it's partner ship with Google to make updates to Bixby!That'll open many features and accessibility.Let's hope they t...
I've been purchasing and supporting Samsung products for a very very long time. Reason?...They make good products. From beautiful designs to top notch tech.HOWEVER, Samsung Canada VERY much needs to reevaluate its customer support.I say Samsung Canad...
Does anyone know if there is a feature on here that allows you to track orders from the Samsung website?Or any other easy way that doesn't require to keep logging into samsung site?Thaaaanks ^_^
Samsung Note 8   "Fingerprint sensor is not responding"    I'm not sure if I need to completely replace it or if there is another fix.   But most importantly, I have a lot of info/data saved to my fingerprint.   How can I access them now?...   also n...