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If you have any comments or suggestions about the Community Guidelines, feel free to post them in this thread! Related comments and threads will be moved into this megathread in order to keep our forum nice and tidy 😊
Badges Badges are awarded to Members based on community activities, such as authoring posts and comments. You can earn badges in each of these categories: Pre-Launch Ops: Prepare for your Galaxy exploration with basic community activities, such as gi...
To create an inviting atmosphere that all Samsung Members can enjoy, we’ve penned a Comment Policy that sets some standards and guidelines regarding comments and posts in the Members community. Please flag any posts or comments that you think might f...
The Samsung Canada Members community is a peer-driven space for Samsung enthusiasts to connect and share their knowledge. In case you’re not sure where your content belongs, we’ve outlined each board here to help you navigate the community. Community...
Hey Samsung Members! In spirit of the new Spider-Man movie releasing on July 2nd, let us know who your favourite Marvel superhero is and why! Don't forget to post in the Lifestyle section with the hashtag #MemberMondays 👍 Cheers, The Samsung Members...