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Same as title. The Nov update is available.
Live in Calgary over 20 years. Love and hate mixed in winter time.First of all, I am not a winter person since I grow up in Asia. I aways feel too cold for me. However, there are some beautiful nature photos that I took during winter. These nature ev...
Elbow Lake already frozen (Note10+ ultra wide angle)Elbow Lake left viewElbow Lake right viewClose to Rae GlacierRae GlacierArrived Glacier with my Note10+ 😁😁😁
Took a super slow mo today while strong wind with snow. So nice πŸ˜„
Just read the news, Microsoft announce some new devices. The most interesting devices are Neo and Duo.Surface Neo running on Windows X, double screens with keyboard.Surface DuoMore interesting, double screen and foldable phone, running Android system...