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So I have a Galaxy S9 snapdragon version running one U.I version 1.0. So I have been watching some videos mostly with the Galaxy S10. Something I have been wondering is why is it taking so long to get some one U.I updates for the Galaxy S9? even auto...
Saw this today about IPhone loyalty being at an all time low.
Sorry for my crappy Attempt at trying to post the whole article, but it Looks like Samsung has a new chip out with DDR5 ram that will likely end up in the Galaxy note 10 which is pretty awesome. 👍🏻👌🏻
So something that I noticed this morning is that when I have my 1st alarm and it is Bixby giving me the weather and temperature. So something that I noticed that bixby was giving me the temperature in Celsius. but if I ask Bixby as to What the weathe...