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Here we come 2020🥳🎉
The US One UI 2.0 beta was released today. Would be very much appreciated if @CHMultimedia would give us a tutorial for how to flash it. Have a great day everyone Winking_Face
Hi There,My Mote9 says its connected to 4g but it's connected to 3g. Can some tell me why that is?
Hi everyone, a friend of mine has a Galaxy S9+. He got a notification about a new software update. He installed it but then during the install process, the phone was displaying a certain screen (in the picture up there). He waited till his battery di...
Hi everyone,I'm going to sell my old S9+ to a friend in Germany. But there's one problem, the phone can't be used in German. When I select German for the system's language, it's in half German and half English. Now my question: Would the phone get fu...