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Hi everyone,I'm going to sell my old S9+ to a friend in Germany. But there's one problem, the phone can't be used in German. When I select German for the system's language, it's in half German and half English. Now my question: Would the phone get fu...
I've noticed a very drastic battery drain on my new S10+ since the last week. I'm not using my phone heavily or something. I'm just using it normal. I usually got 7 to 7½ screen on time, but now I only get 4 to 4½. Does anyone have an idea how to fix...
I understand that there are people who don't like major changes in new software updates, but the point is that it is just how it is. If you need help with new functions or anything, just ask *friendly* in this forum, and you get help. But please stop...
I've been noticing that when I use the navigation gestures like the back swipe, I always press a button at the same time.Example: Gallery. When I look at a picture, and swipe to go a step back, in 8 of 10 cases, I also press the "pictures" button and...
Has anyone got the March security patch yet?