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I really like the "full" aspect ratio when taking pictures, but can anyone explain if there is any difference in resolution? Is full a lesser resolution in comparison to 9:16 and 3:4? Does full use less pixels?
After approximately 24 hours of use, which is not alot but enough, I came to the conclusion that the Note 20 Ultra is the best phone I have used to date. I have owned all the Galaxy S model phone with the exception of S2 and S20 and only one Note pho...
Just got this lovely delivery, haven't even open yet cause I have to work. . . Lol. Can't wait to open, I pre-ordered on August 12 and its here already. Review coming soon.
Does the Note 20 Ultra come with a pre-installed screen protector and headphone?
This notification keeps popping up. . . .it says " . . .has been detected using notification". Anyone know how to stop It?